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Planning to perform Umrah during Easter Holidays?

So, you are planning to perform Umrah during Easter Holidays? and like when you perform Umrah during any other season, you are checking Umrah packages in order to book them. Umrah trip has to be planned well and in advance, especially when you want to visit the two holy mosques in a holiday period. There are reasons why you need to plan well: 1. Many other people also plan to visit in the same period, so the hotel accommodation availability and air ticket costs determine your package price 2. In order to mentally prepare yourself for the rush you will face in Makkah Al-Mukarramah & Madinah Al-Munawwarah

Easter Holidays in 2018 dates are as follows -

Start: 26-03-2018

End: 14-04-2018

We at Caravan wish you all the best for your holy trip and hope to cater you on this very important trip of yours. Please check our Umrah Packages during Easter Holidays or usually called Easter Umrah Packages or contact us to know more.

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