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When shouldn't you choose to stay in Aziziyah accommodation in Makkah during Hajj 2018 and furth

We have elaborated upon the differences between Shifting & Non-Shifting Hajj Packages in our previous post (Shifting vs Non-Shifting Hajj Packages). We are now taking an initiative to explain: under what circumstances shouldnt you book Shifting Hajj Packages that provide Aziziyah accommodation. Following are some of the reasons we think should be a big no-no -

  • Elderly people (above the age of 50) travelling along with you

  • If you think its too far to travel between the Aziziyah-based-accommodation (around 4 km from Haram) and Masjid Al-Haram, as it may consume your precious 'Ibaadah time

  • If you think the reason mentioned just above may drain your energy too much, eventually impacting your Hajj experience

It is the responsibility of every pilgrim planning to perform Hajj to assess their abilities and spend few more money, book either Non-Shifting Hajj Package or a Shifting Hajj Package that provides Makkah accommodation near Haram, and have an easy Hajj experience. We believe any pilgrim planning the most important trip of his/her life should be informed about every little detail before choosing/booking their slots and hence this post.

If you are interested in exploring our Hajj Packages 2018, please visit the Hajj packages listed below -

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