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Saudi Arabia Tour


10 Days - 9 Nights

Deluxe Umrah Package


Welcome to Saudi Arabia
The biggest undiscovered hidden treasure country of the whole world.

We are passionate about providing our customers with the highest quality travel experiences in Saudi Arabia. We boast a team of knowledgeable and experienced staff who are committed to providing a personal and attentive service, ensuring that all of your needs and expectations are met. Explore the unique culture and history of Saudi Arabia and throughout the year we organize excursions and itineraries for you to experience the best that the country has to offer.

We invite you to take a closer look into the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,
Hoping that we will be at your service in the near future.


Day 1: Arrival to Riyadh

Day 2: Riyadh historical city tour

Day 3: Ushaiqer - Buraydah

Day 4: Jubbah - Hail

Day 5: Hail - AlUla

Day 6: AlUla & Hegra

Day 7: Hegra – Yanbu

Day 8: Yanbu - Jeddah

Day 9: Jeddah historical

Day 10: Departure Jeddah

Day 1
Arrival Riyadh

There are no planned activities today, so you can arrive into Riyadh at any time.
Overnight in Riyadh hotel.

Day 2
Riyadh historical city tour

Today we meet at hotel lobby at 09:00 am.

Strat your tour visiting Murraba palace is among the most important palace built by King Abdul-Aziz. this Palace was to accommodate his family. It was built on the local traditional Najid style by using local building material only.

Then visit the Masmak museum, Enjoy and step back in time and explore Saudi Arabia’s roots. A short documentary also re-enacts the capture of the fortress by King Abdul Aziz, whose spearhead you can still see embedded in its wooden gate. Dira Souq is famous for its variety of old copper and brass objects including silver daggers, silver Bedouins Jewellery and dresses. While entering from main access, visitors always smell sandal wood fragrance. Dira Souq is worth buying antique carpets and other useful Saudi heritage antiques. Then visit The National Museum of Saudi Arabia. Established in 1999, It is part of the King Abdul Aziz Historical Centre in Riyadh.

Overnight in Riyadh hotel.

Day 3
Riyadh - Ushaiqer - Buraydah

Today you will start the journey through the desert. Along the way you will visit the 'mud village' Ushaiqer. The village has seven neighbourhoods and has many palm trees and orchards that are beautifully integrated into the maze of paths. You have the opportunity to walk along the shady and charming paths that wind between the 400 mud houses and 25 mosques that the village houses. Some of the houses still bear the name of the families that originally lived here. Then you go to Qassim. The rest of the day we have time to explore Qassim, visit the lively Souq and the date market, the city is surrounded by sand dunes.
Overnight Buraydah Hotel.

Day 4
Buraydah - Jubbah - Hail

For centuries, Hail has been the gateway to the desert. Pilgrims from the north on their way to Mecca and Medina met here with traders who were on their way to the Middle East from the south of the Arabian Peninsula. Jubbah, the most famous rock art site in Saudi Arabia, which is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The carvings that can be found on the Jebal Umm Sinman cover a wide range of representations as well as a large period of time with some carving possibly being 10 000 years old. Jubbah is host of the two most emblematic carvings in Saudi Arabia. The first one is a character dominating another smaller one. The second one is a chariot pulled by two horses
Back to Hail for overnight.

Day 5
Hail - AlUla

After breakfast we drive to Al Ulla, the birthplace of two ancient Arabian kingdoms. During the 1st millennium BC, Al-Ulla saw the rise of the ancient city of Dedan that became the capital of two successive kingdoms, Dedan and Lihyan, that ruled over the northwest of the Arabian Peninsula. A small fort still stands in the middle of the Heritage Village of Al-Ulla and is known as Musa Ibn Nusayr Fort. It was probably a fortified structure as early as the Dedanite or Lihyanite times as some Dedanitic inscriptions were carved on the rock where the fort was built. We will enjoy this view while walking among the old market area.
Overnight in AlUla Camp.

Day 6
AlUla & Hegra

Hegra is the most iconic historical site of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the first to be listed as a UNESCO Word Heritage, back in 2008. The Nabatean people were Arab merchants actively involved in the frankincense trade originating from ancient Yemen from which they gained their great wealth. The Nabatean Kingdom developed from the 2nd century BC until the beginning of the 2nd century BC. The extensive settlement of the site took place during the 1st century AD, when it came under the rule of the Nabatean king Aretas IV Philopatris (Al-Harith IV) (9 – 40 BC), who made Madain Saleh the kingdom's first capital, before Petra, located 500
kilometres to the north.
Overnight in AlUla Camp.

Day 7
AlUla - Yanbu

We'll arrive at noon time into the city, and if time permits we will visit the night market, a small set of indoor stalls selling crafts and souvenirs. As the area has recently started opening to cruise ships, the market is not always open. It's situated next to the old town, which is currently being renovated, with an as-yet unconfirmed opening date - in normal times it's a maze of wooden fronted buildings, similar to Jeddah, included T. E. Lawrence's accommodation from 1915-1916. If the old town opens up before our arrival, we will also visit here this evening.

Overnight in Yanbu hotel.

Day 8
Yanbu - Jeddah

This morning we have an optional snorkelling Island cruse trip. We have an early start this morning, meeting the Yanbu coast as we travel to a small nearby harbour, home to fishing boats and small yachts each bobbing up and down in the calm Red Sea water. An approximately half-hour boat ride away from the coast will bring us to an absolutely tiny atoll - this mound of perfect white- sand, dotted with blades of grass. Navigating the reef that hugs close to the island, our boat will get as close as possible before a wet landing. We'll have a plenty of time for snorkelling and swimming in the warm ocean. The boats do have snorkels available but if you're a keen snorkeller and have your own equipment then we recommend that you bring it along with you. The technicolour coral simply has to be seen to be believed.

From here we drive to Jeddah, our final destination of the journey.

Day 9
Jeddah historical city tour

We'll explore Jeddah today, beginning with a visit to some of Jeddah’s most captivating old Ottoman houses. The old quarter is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its coral-built houses. The Nassif house is one of the few historic buildings that have been restored and now serve as a museum. You walk further through the old town and visit the Al Alawi Souq, the market that winds through the old neighborhoods and where products such as incense, jewelry, coffee and clothing are sold.

Continue to the enormous fish market. Seafood is essential to the economy of Jeddah, and a visit to this thriving fish market puts this into perspective. We'll also explore Jeddah's corniche, which extends many miles along the Red Sea coast - this long sea front incorporates parks, mosques and playgrounds, and is lined with sculptures that culminate at the small open-air sculpture 'museum' in the north of the city. We'll walk a section of it, aiming to see the 'floating mosque' along the way.
Overnight Jeddah Hotel.

Day 10
Departure Jeddah

The trip ends after breakfast at our hotel in Jeddah.
There are no activities planned today, so you are free to depart from Jeddah at any time. If your flight is departing later in the day,
Luggage storage facilities are available at our hotel.



✓ All transportation with A/C bus (from day 2 morning till day 9 evening).
✓ All nights’ accommodation B/B at 3*** hotel (9 Breakfast).
✓ Dinners at local restaurants (8 Dinners) from day 2 till day 9.
✓ English guide at sites (Riyadh, Jubbah, Dadan, Ikmah, Hegra & Jeddah).
✓ Entrance fees in Saudi for (Dadan, Ikmah & Hegra).
✓ All Taxes.



➢ Visa cost to Saudi.
➢ Drinks during meals.
➢ All Lunches.
➢ Airport transfers upon arrival and departure.
➢ Island cruse trip in Yanbu at day 8 morning.
➢ Tips.
➢ Any personal expenses.
➢ Anything not mentioned in the Include items.

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