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Deluxe Hajj Package 2018

A Hajj package designed to cater a Haji's important requirements 

19/20 NIGHTS

Qurbani Included; No Aziziyah Direct Makkah

Saudi Airlines Flight

Departure Date          14 August 2018

Departure Flight                 


                               Confirmed Flight

Return Date            3 September 2018

Return Flight                      


                               Confirmed Flight

Class                             Economy

Saudi Airlines Flight

Jaddah to Makkah        Govt. AC Coach

Makkah to Madinah     Private AC Coach


Madinah Hotel            Private AC Coach

to Madinah Airport 

Hotel in Makkah

Hotel Name               Swissotel Hotel

Rating                             5 Star    

No. of Nights                      4

Meals                          Half Board


      Hajj Draft


      Ihram, Ihram Belt, Backpack

      Bag & Umbrella for Women

      5 Litre Zamzam per Person 

      Mandatory Hajj Seminar

Hotel in Madinah

Hotel Name               Madinah Hilton

Rating                           5 Star

No. of Nights                    3/4

Meals                           Half Board

Hajj Package Cost


Sold Out


Sold Out


Sold Out
Mina & Arafat

Tents                   European AC Tents


Distance from Jamarat    1 Hour Walk

No. of Nights                    5 Nights


Meals                         Packed Meals;                                    Full Board


No Aziziyah At All

Direct Makkah

Makkah & Madinah Hotels' Check-in and Check-out Dates are Subject to Change Based on Moon Sighting

Book Early & Reserve your Hajj Package!

The best way to perform Hajj peacefully is by planning your trip early and booking your slots right away! Hajj package prices have been released and all details mentioned here are accurate--We also provide you the opportunity to book your slots by paying a fees of £ 1000
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Swissotel Makkah

Labbaik -

Madinah Hilton

Hajj Packages 2018

Day-wise Movement

Hajj Packages 2018
• Hajj requires preperation physically and mentally, so kindly get consultation from our advisors
• The hotel in Makkah Al-Mukarramah remains booked during Hajj as well which implies you will have your rooms accessible during this time 
• Check In time cannot be exact and depends upon flight timings and wait time at Jeddah airport 
• Dates may change due to moon sighting & flight confirmation (+/- 2) and therefore the day of Hajj can also change
• Makkah & Madinah hotels' check-in times are 5 pm and check-out times are 1:00 pm
Males & Females will be divided and 4-5 person sharing room will be provided during the economy standard hotel stay
Important Notes:
Booking Process
  • Sign Booking Form and agree to Terms & Conditions and deposit £ 1000 (Refundable till Sh'aban) 
  • Deposit Passport Copy (6 months validity from date of departure), ACWY Meningitis Certificate, and 4 Photographs when requested by us
  • Attend Hajj seminar compulsorily and prepare yourself physically and mentally for the most important journey in your life
  • Talk to our sales team and understand the package clearly
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