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What is the difference between Shifting & Non-Shifting/No-Aziziyah Hajj Packages?

It is very important to know every little detail about your Hajj package before you go ahead and book it. We thought we should inform you about one such important detail: Shifting Hajj Package vs Non-Shifting or No-Aziziyah Hajj Package.

The main difference between the packages is accommodation. A subset of Shifting Hajj Packages will have an accommodation booked for you in an area called Aziziyah in Makkah, which is farther (about 4km) from Masjid Al-Haram, before Hajj. Once Hajj is complete, you along with the group members shall be shifted to another hotel in Makkah Al-Mukarramah near Haram. In a Non-Shifting or No-Aziziyah Hajj Package, you won't be shifted and the hotel provided will remain same as promised by the Umrah travel agent for that package.

We at Caravan Hajj & Umrah provide you 2 Non-Shifting Hajj Packages 2020 which obviously don't have Aziziyah accommodation. This year we've introduced Non Shifting Hajj Packages which will provide you with the best Accommodation, Hajj Visa, Hajj Draft, Qurbani Include. This, we've done in order to provide our clients with a better alternative to Aziziyah-based Non Shifting Hajj Packages. You can check & book our Hajj Packages 2020 by visiting the following links -

We pray to ALLAH SWT that he accepts your Hajj this year, Aameen! We look forward to serve you this year for your Hajj trip.​

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