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Masjid Al Aqsa Tour

Masjid Al-Aqsa

The Noble Sanctuary

Masjid Al-Aqsa popularly known as Bait Al-Maqdis is situated in Jerusalem, which is considered to be the third holy mosque as mentioned by Prophet Mu’hammed (PBUH) in his sayings. This mosque was considered as Muslims’ direction of prayer for sometime, before eventually it was changed towards K’abah, in Makkah, by the decree of the Almighty. Bait Al-Maqdis has the same importance in terms of holiness as the other two holy mosques, in addition to the event of m’iraj being associated with it. Prophet Mu’hammed (PBUH) had led souls of all the prophets in a prayer at this masjid before ascending to the skies to meet the Almighty.

Cave of Seven Sleepers

Companions of The Cave

Ahl Al-Kahf

A complete chapter in the Quran dedicated to a few young people, who, by the will of Almighty ALLAH, had slept for around 300 years in a cave and hence are referred to as Companions of The Cave. These people refused to believe in the polytheistic stance of the society & its practise which prevailed during the period. They were young, yet had the guts to stick to the truth and do away with the wrongful society. A very inspiring place to visit for people of every age.



The Blessed Tree Jordan

The Blessed Tree

The Tree Which Sheltered
The Prophet (PBUH)

Considered to be The Only Living Sa'habi of the Prophet (PBUH), this tree near Safawi had sheltered our Prophet (PBUH) when he was travelling with his uncle Abu 'Talib to Syria. A monk by the name Bahira had seen a cloud giving shelter to our Prophet (PBUH) before eventually transferring its duty to this tree. A very large area around this tree doesnt have any vegetation whatsoever and therefore makes it also a miracle of the Almighty.

Hazrat Abdul Rahman Ibn Al Auf Grave

Prophets' & Sa'haabi Tombs

Places Which Will Inspire You

The tour includes a visit to many prophets' & sa'haabi graves. Itinerary has in it a visit to Prophet Ibrahim (PBUH), Prophet Yusha (PBUH), Prophet Yunus (PBUH) and Prophet Shu'aib (PBUH). A worthwhile visit to see the graves of Abdul Ra'hman bin 'Auf (RA), Zaid bin 'Haaritha (RA), Abdullah bin Rawaahah (RA) and more should be overwhelming. A visit to Masjid 'Umar (RA) will make it a complate package.

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