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Checklist for a Perfect Umrah Package

In order to perform Umrah, we seek to find a travel agent who can provide us an Umrah package suiting our budget and at the same time provide all those necessary services for which the money is paid. Be it a luxury package or a budget friendly package, you've got to check if the following conditions are met -

1. Hotel Accommodation is included in the package and within the preferred distance from Haram

2. Breakfast is at least included in the package so that its easier for you to have your meal in the morning

3. Transfers should include airport transfers, inter-city transfers, and Ziyaarah in Makkah & Madinah

4. Umrah Visa (for the first time visitors)

The aforementioned are the minimum requirements for a complete Umrah package. Air Tickets and lunch/dinner have to be booked separately with most of the Umrah agencies--Do not forget this. Caravan Hajj & Umrah Services provides you with the best Umrah packages in 2018 from UK. Check out our Umrah packages and book them right away by filling in some simple details. We are currently selling February Umrah Packages & Umrah Packages during Easter Holidays.

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