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Best Features of Caravan's Hajj Packages in 2018

Like every year, we are preparing to serve the Muslim pilgrims aspiring to perform Hajj this year, which we call as 'the trip of your life'. A lot of changes have happened between the previous year's & this year's Hajj administration and have been conveyed to all Hajj agencies across the world by the Ministry of Hajj--We've got them all covered, Al'hamdulillah!

After careful incorporation of the administrative changes, we have still managed to come up with the best Hajj packages: in terms of ease and price point. Hajj is a difficult journey and we've to accept that. In order to reduce the amount of stress a pilgrim takes and to better his/her spiritual experience, we at Caravan have come up with simple & straightforward features which should bring value to our customers when they opt and pay for them -

  • Non-Shifting Hajj Packages i.e., No hassle of shifting from an accommodation to another in Makkah

  • Shifting Hajj Package with No-Aziziyah accommodation i.e., instead the Makkah accommodation is a mere 10 minute walk from Masjid Al-Haram

  • Best 5 Star accommodation available in all Hajj packages except Economy Hajj Package (which has best nearby standard economy hotels)

  • European AC Tents in Mina & High Roof AC Tents in Arafaat i.e., to beat the heat during August

  • Full Board Meals in Economy Hotels, During Hajj & Half Board Meals in 5 Star Hotels

  • Qurbani Included in all of our Hajj packages

If you have enough reasons to buy our Hajj packages, then head over to your preferred package by clicking the below link and book it rightaway (as we are selling quickly) -

We pray that ALLAH SWT accepts everyone's Hajj this year and make us all better muslims, Aameen!

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