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Why should you perform Umrah in February?

If we talk about the first quarter of any year, Umrah is usually performed during February or during the Easter holidays. While performing Umrah during Easter holidays is easier in terms of not having to apply for leave, February Umrah is easier as the Umrah rush is quite low and the Umrah package prices are also lower when compared to other seasons.

This implies, anyone aspiring to perform Umrah in February can stay for a longer period (of course if they can afford a longer leave) as the rates are low and can stay with peace as the rush is lower. If you are planning to perform Umrah in February or may be during Easter Holidays, please check out our Umrah packages and book them by filling in a simple booking form -

We pray that the almighty ALLAH accepts all of your deeds during this holy trip, Aameen!

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