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Hyundai H1 - Accommodates 10 people and 10 Piece Luggage. The vehicle shown in the picture is for illustration purpose. We provide you with the best vehicle, locally available for transport facility.

Hyundai H1 Transfer Service

SKU: 00003
  • Example for entering Travel Dates/Times, and Email ID -

    If you select Jed-Mak-Med-Jed transport, then you will enter:

    Jed-Mak: 02-12-2016 16:00

    Mak-Med: 06-12-2016 12:00

    Med-Jed: 10-12-2016 00:00

    Alternatively, if you select Makkah Ziyaarah, then you will enter -

    Makkah Ziyaarah: 13-01-2017 7:15

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