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Hajj Packages FAQs

Which airline are we going to fly with?

You will be flying with Saudi Airlines in both Standard Package & 5 Star Package. The exact itinerary will be confirmed to you well before the departure so that you can ready yourself for the schedule. FYI, Saudi Airlines will be a direct flight back & forth to KSA. There is an exclusive Emirates package too, which will have a connecting flight (via DXB)

Are the itinerary dates final and there shall be no change?

The dates are final and should not change; Although, in the unlikely event of a change occurring in the dates, you will be informed well ahead of the scheduled date of departure. One obvious reason for the change is moon-sighting.

What is the baggage allowance?

2 pieces, 23 kg each will be allowed by Saudi Airlines as the check-in baggage. While returning from Hajj, Zamzam will be allowed free along with the allowed (23 kg x 2) check-in baggage. Emirates baggage allowance is 1 piece of 30 kg and same rule applies to Zamzam.

Do flights of all Hajj packages depart from London? 

All of the Caravan's Hajj Package's flights shall depart from London only as of now. If there are additional departure cities added, the same will be updated on this website in the FAQs.

Can I change the flight dates?

Flights are confirmed and cannot be changed under any circumstances.

Is Qurbani included with the Hajj packages?

Yes, Qurbani is included in the package prices listed on our website. We thought it would be better off including it in the package as this will complete the package quite beautifully.

Which type of Hajj will we perform with Caravan this year?

You will be performing Hajj Al-Tamatt'u this year. Hajj Al-Tamatt'u is a sunnah and has been directed by our prophet Mu'hammed (P.B.U.H) upon the Ummah which is why it is considered the best form of Hajj. This Hajj involves performing Umrah and then Hajj for which a separate 'Ihram is required.

Who will accompany us as a religious guide during Hajj?

Sheikh Zubair Akbar (Imam & Khateeb) shall accompany the Hajj groups of Caravan this year. He is one of the prominent scholars in the UK who will guide all pilgrims in every step of the 'trip of their life'--Hajj

What interpretation of Islam will be adopted?

Guidance & journey will be purely based on Quran and Sunnah.

Do I have to pay SAR 2000 if I am repeating Hajj?

The Saudi authority - Ministry of Hajj introduced a new repeat Hajj fee of SAR 2000 (£ 450 approx.) applicable to those who travelled for Hajj in the past 5 years i.e., since 2014. This has to be paid by the pilgrim over and above the Hajj package price listed on this website.

Is Aziziyah accommodation included in any Hajj Package by chance?

No. Aziziyah accommodation is not a part of any of our Hajj packages 2022. We have 2 non-shifting Hajj packages namely: 5 Star Hajj Package and Standard Hajj Package, both of which do not have any accommodation in Aziziyah. More here:

How will be men and women be accommodated in Mina?

There shall be separate tents for men and women which will be adjacent to each other.

Are children allowed in Caravan's Hajj groups?

13 years or older are allowed in our Hajj group as they can benefit from the trip by understanding its significance and can also withstand the toughness associated with it. However, under special circumstances, we allow children up to the age of 7 in which case parents are solely responsible for the care of their children.

Do we have to bring any specific things that may help us?

There are things that you can certainly bring along with you that will prove very useful, like power banks and sleeping bags. We will cover in detail on this topic in the Hajj seminar that is mandatory to be attended by every Hajj pilgrim booking with us.

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